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Insignia HD radio repair

Fix the common DoS (Death of Silence) problem for $20, same day return via USPS 1st class mail with tracking #. See my blog for details. Please use the comment below to send your request (or feedback), fill in your email so I'll send you the shipping address. Cash, check, money order, credit cards and PayPal are all accepted. I won't respond here to requests other than questions.

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 Jerry Bruns
I have the no sound problem, is this repairable
Published on 28.11.2020 07:12:54, from Belleville, IL 62220
 > Mark Schmidt
Insignia NS-HD01A audio stopped working. Please send instructions, cost, and address for repair.
J. Mark Schmidt
Published on 30.07.2020 13:53:32, from 125 42nd St., Des Moines, Iowa 50312
Hi, are you still repairing Insignia NS-HD01A radios? I have one. I have one.
Published on 01.07.2020 23:44:35, from Oklahoma
 Allen Padwa
I have an NS-HD01A with the DOS problem. It worked for a number of years. Are you still repairing these?
Published on 12.04.2020 11:36:07, from Worcester, MA
Hi Sean,
I have an NS-HD01A that has no volume, and I tried to short pin 25, but it didn't resolve it... can I send to you for repair?

Published on 24.03.2020 16:34:20, from WI
are you still fixing Insignia NS-HD01? I have 6-8 that likely all need the same fix (radios work, but no audio); cost? Discount to do several? Please send directions for mailing to you.Thanks for considering it.
Published on 03.01.2020 08:57:08, from wisconsin
Sorry, I did not realize that Google made all the email disappeared, so I never get these requests for the past months!

Please submit your requests again and meanwhile I'll try to respond to old requests.

Very sorry!
Published on 06.08.2019 16:37:50
My NS-HD01A went out; tried resetting it by shorting for a bit and that worked on/off, and then it started just being loud, then went mute again. Now I think it just needs a proper repair. Let me know the address and I'll ship it over. Thanks.
Published on 23.11.2018 12:32:51
 Matthew Reaves
Good afternoon KoT,
It is Matthew again. I am thrilled that you were able to verify that my radio is among the few that do not have the manufacturing flaw that most of these radios have. I was writing you now to inquire as to whether or not it was possible to replace the original battery as its life is getting a little less than great. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks :)
Published on 18.10.2018 12:55:51, from 32514
Please email details about the no sound fix for NS-HD01. Thanks.
Published on 19.09.2018 20:12:20
Are you still repairing these HD Radios? The most recent of my HD Radios (I think it was the last generation made) has started to lose sound. I took it apart this morning and managed to get the volume to go back up but doubt that it will stay on. Thanks!
Published on 12.09.2018 07:28:54
 Mike Langley
Can you also repair an Audiovox iHD-P01A for the same issue?
Published on 10.05.2018 08:05:03, from Sacamento area
 Theodore Mascott
Insignia battery will not hold a charge.

Can you fix? If so, how much $?

Published on 09.11.2017 06:55:58, from Naples, FL
 Theodore Mascott
The battery will not hold a charge.

Can you fix? And what is the cost?

If so, I need your address.

Published on 09.11.2017 06:53:13, from Naples FL
 Michael Schuster
I have an original model NS-HD01 whose battery has developed an incredibly high self-discharge rate after full charge. I was going to attempt a replacement but all of the online listings for replacement batteries are for the NS-HS01A. In your comparison photos the batteries look physically compatible but I can't be sure. Since you have disassembled both models perhaps you could give me a pointer; or perhaps you offer a battery replacement service too. Thanks!
Published on 01.11.2017 06:03:22, from New Jersey
 Matthew Reaves
I have owned several of the NS-HD01 series radios and would LOVE to finally have one working. Mine is in great shape but has the DOS issue. PLEASE send me instructions on how to fix with your $20 service. Thanks!!!!!
Published on 16.09.2017 20:02:05, from Pensacola, FL
My NS-HD01A has gone silent
Published on 28.08.2017 18:20:15, from Springfield
 Leo Tick
want to send insignia radio for audio fix
Published on 21.05.2017 07:07:00, from new York
 David O
I have the no sound issue. Could you please send me the details. Thanks.
Published on 23.01.2017 15:57:26, from Maryland
Hi, could you please send me an instructions of what what pins to short and where the resistor goes if possible? I would really like to attempt to fix it myself. Or please send me an address where I can ship it to (ssuming you still fix these units). I really like this thing and want it working again. I have NS-HD01 with the Cirrus 43L21C (BC1031) chip. I would really appreciate any info. Thank you.
Published on 21.01.2017 20:57:21, from New Orleans
I have an HD01A that doesn't play sound- could you help me get it working?

Published on 13.01.2017 05:56:49, from Wisconsin
 Andy Setlow
I'm ready for your $20 fix -- please send instructions.

Regards, Andy
Published on 11.01.2017 08:02:32, from Huntsville
 William Johnson
Are you still repairing HD radios? I have an Insignia HD NS-HD01A with no sound.

If yes, please send details.

Thank you.
Bill Johnson
Published on 30.12.2016 12:21:47, from Argyle WI
I have an Insignia HD radio with same problem described. It powers up, finds, tunes and locks stations but no sound out. Please send details
Published on 16.10.2016 15:36:47, from Richmond, VA
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