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KoT's VoIP

The most consistent calling experience, at home or on mobile (3G/4G/WiFi).

Network Service

Any network, computer and smartphone issues, such as VPS setup (VPN, proxy, WWW, etc.), please use the following comment to send your request and I'll email back.

Insignia HD radio repair

Fix the common DoS (Death of Silence) problem for $20, same day return via USPS 1st class mail with tracking #. See my blog for details. Please use the comment below to send your request (or feedback), fill in your email so I'll send you the shipping address. Cash, check, money order, credit cards and PayPal are all accepted. I won't respond here to requests other than questions.

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My NS-HD01 insignia HD radio finally went mute after 4 1/2 years of usage. I bought it on ebay and it was already used.. Can you tell me what I need to solder to fix this this? Or do you have a mailing address? I have taken it apart many times before.
Published on 15.07.2016 11:57:56
 ron schempp
Hello, can you please send me your info so that I may send you my DOS HD NS-HD01A radio. I understand you charge $20.00 and will send back via USPS.

Ron Schempp
Published on 15.05.2016 07:06:23, from apple valley mn
 Connie Bunton
Are you still repairing HD radios? I have an Insignia HD NS-HD01 with no sound.

If yes, please send details.

Thank you.
Published on 19.01.2016 08:00:12, from Louisiana
Hi. I have a "No Sound" problem with my NS-HD0, as well as a possible dead battery. Are you still doing the repairs? Also, where the heck can you get a new battery. Thx
Published on 06.12.2015 06:33:26, from Florida
I have registered, insert my email and pressed the "send" button, but I got no email (and SPAM folder is empry).
Can you check it, please?
Warm regards.
Published on 05.12.2015 01:46:36
insignia NS-HD01A with no sound 2 months old. It neds air
Published on 12.11.2015 16:58:56
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