Get rid of Google stuff from my phone

Maps => OsmAnd+

This is an open source app. You can choose which map(s) to be downloaded, such as the one of your state(s) and can be updated as frequently as every hour. Its search function is as good, convenient and updated.

GMail => Aqua Mail

It is the only email client that can thread messages like GMail. Conversations can combine inbox and sent folders. Chrome is not needed for adding GMail accounts.

Chrome => Opera

Chrome is never usable for me. Opera is the only mobile browser I can use in addtion to Yandex. I especially like its built-in VPN and AD block, although neither is flawless.

Youtube => YouTube Video (NewPipe)

I always hated the app and had been watching YouTube in Opera or Yandex until I found this NewPipe. Now I can touch and hold on a video link, share it via NewPipe and watch it in NewPipe. You may set it to landscape, even if your phone is set to portrait.

Voice => Opera + Aqua Mail

This is the only app that I have not found a direct replacement. This app is well made, now you can really use Google Voice to make and receive calls, reliable and convenient enough for practical use. With this great app, you really no longer need a voice plan/service, all you need is a data-only plan. It supports G729, so calls are smooth even over slow 3G.

What I do is to login to the Google Voice page in Opera. I let SMS, voicemail and missed calls be forwarded to my email. These notifications will be pushed to Aqua Mail immediately.  Then I reply to SMS and calls in Opera.

If your phone has a voice plan, you may simply link the phone number to GV. My phone doesn't, so I use a CallCentric number, costing $1 per month.

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